Heaven Will Never Be the Same

Our Dad, Jimmy

My sister Colleen and I wanted to share a little bit about our dad, James Dunne, who passed on to heaven last week. He traveled a lot when we were young. I’m not sure he realized how we ached from missing him. He was his own man, not tied to societal norms or expectations. He served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war, witnessing things that no teenaged boy should. He married our mom and had 3 kids by the time he was 23. He decided in his 40’s to become a lawyer. He provided a great life for us.

Jim, Our Go-To-Guy

Looking back, I wish he would have been around more, would have taken more interest in family life. But, we came to see he loved us greatly, even if his personal conflicts kept him walled off at times. In crisis, he was there on the spot, our Go-To-Guy, ever ready with: you will make it through this, you will be better for this, I am so proud of you, I love you so much.

Our Spectacular Father

Ditto, Jimmy. We love you so much and we’re deeply saddened by the huge, sudden loss of our spectacular father. You were so many things to so many people, listening intently and giving the best advice. Colleen and I will miss you running around the house like a crazy person, screaming “I’m great! Jim is #1! I’m the Best!” You were so complicated and amazing.

We both wish we could have been with you during your last days, but are so happy you had Diane by your side. You loved us and you adored our children. We will smile whenever we think of you being reunited with your mother, the fabulous Anne Dunne. We will hold you in our daughter-hearts forever.

Grandpa Jim surrounded by love.

Everybody loves Grandpa Jim!

Grandpa Jim is the best!
He had so much fun with the kids!

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