Dear George, You Matter to Me

How did this happen again? A black man lying facedown on the ground begging to breathe, calling for his mama. Yes, George Floyd had a criminal past; but even if he was caught in the very act, he did not need to die. Law enforcement had him adequately restrained, a threat to no one, yet his life was snatched. I’m speechless and sick to my stomach.

Aren’t we better than that? Didn’t we all learn in Sunday School to love others; that what matters is your heart and your actions, not the color you’re wrapped in? And to imagine those perpetrating these acts call themselves Christians. How dare you. Read your Bible. Love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? According to the story of the Good Samaritan, EVERYONE.

EVERYONE is your neighbor

At first I didn’t even want to address this. I like to get all of the details before making judgements. But, how can we justify what happened? We can’t…that is, unless we believe in treating others according to some perverse bias based on skin color.

I’m speaking to white people everywhere. Something stinks on our side of the street, and we had better clean it up. I’m in. How about you?