But you look good…

I grew up in the plastic never-show-your-emotions era of the 80’s. Our feelings didn’t matter as long as we wore a brave face and a bright neon top. We were taught to keep smiling even when our hearts were breaking. Showing any emotion at all was like waving your hands and shouting I’m A Weakling!

The 80’s –
Such a magical time

Fast forward to 2020, I’ve found that facing your feelings takes guts. Burying emotions under food, alcohol or social media doesn’t ever, EVER make them go away. We all get rejected, go through setbacks, or find ourselves let down by those we trusted most. It hurts.

Social media is the highlight reel of life, with every day pain carefully edited out

Social media makes it look like there are some who never experience hardship, they live beautiful lives that the rest of us can’t imagine. That’s just not reality. No one totally dodges pain. That includes your neighbor whose thoughtful husband whisked her away to Greece, while her perfect kids stayed home to plant a new garden with organic kale and carrots. Don’t forget, social media is the highlight reel of life, with every day pain carefully edited out.

Hard times end and so does pain. If I can face my struggles with a grateful heart, I’ll be just fine.

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