I Think God Thinks I’m Funny

He made me this way, and I think He enjoys me.

My sister was the sweetest little Christian girl you could ever find. Played piano. Sang like an angel. Beautiful. Always had her ducks in a row, and they always looked good. She instinctively knew how to act and what to say.

I, on the other hand: large and loud. In a place where beautiful and worthy meant being lady-like and quiet, I came up embarrassingly short. My mouth was a runaway train, always jumping the tracks. I wanted to be pretty, but eating my feelings away made me one of those girls who would be cute if they just didn’t eat so much. Sprinkle a little ADD in the mix, and you’ve got a real mess. I always felt so off; and were I to stop judging myself, there were plenty of others to rally the cause.

OK, before you start crying, I did eventually grow (or shrink) into my body. My story gets so much better. My life has been amazing; but before that, I daydreamed of being skinny and appreciated. I wanted to say cool things that others stole or maybe quoted. I struggled to be the new, demure, likable Michelle; the one that others said God wanted me to be. Quiet. Behaved. Unquestioning. It never occurred to me that they might be wrong.

It wasn’t until much later that I discovered God not only loves me, he likes me. He made me loud and funny… and I think he thoroughly enjoys me. I can see him looking down at me when he needs a little comic relief and telling the angels: “I just love this girl.”

What a relief to know God loves me…just how I am

We must overcome so many obstacles on the twisted road to being ourselves. We don’t need others to tell us how we don’t measure up. We can just check out the latest ads for our favorite stuff to realize we are not skinny enough or rich enough or smart enough. Why are we all so afraid to figure out who we are? It shouldn’t be this scary.

So next time you’re on Instagram, looking at all of the people you think are better than you, do this: Look up at the sky and picture God looking on you, loving you, reveling in the perfection of his creation, carefully watching you along your journey. And give Him a gift that only you can give him – the gift of being 100% extraordinarily YOU.

3 thoughts on “I Think God Thinks I’m Funny

  1. To me you and Colleen were always so pretty and now y’all are drop dead gorgeous. I remember you girls would go in Tricia’s bedroom and we’d start hearing the laughter, lots of laughter coming out of the bedroom. Good memories. I love you and Colleen very much and your sweet mother. Please give Alice a BIG hug and kiss from me and Grace. She must never get on Facebook, I never see her or a comment from sweet Alice. πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’œπŸ™


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